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11 March 2016

Internet Locker 6.0.3 Full Version with Serial Key Free Download


Internet Locker is an access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. You can use Internet Locker to restrict internet connections and programs. Programs blocked by Internet Locker will not be able to access the internet.

Internet Locker 6.0.3

Installation Instructions :

  1. Install "Internet Locker 6.0.3.
  2. When Installation is done run the program.
  3. Use provided "Registration Information" below to register the program.

Registration Information :

Username: IshaanSerial Key: 01SL-69MK-A5CA-E2FC-U6GQF                                                               ORUsername: RathourSerial Key: 01SL-69MK-A5CA-E2FC-T4DNJ

Software Information :

Title:     Internet Locker 6.0.3
File Name:     Internet_Locker.exe
File Size:     656.13 KB (671,877 bytes)
Requirements:     Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Language:     Multiple Language
License:     Freeware

Download Here

13 January 2016

Dell Dock



Dell Dock your applications or shortcuts by default directories or icons representing the types of your own that allows you to manage a basic interface.
Dell Dock ..... now, that question came to mind before talking about?
I mean, most docks were Max and some of the Mac OS and Windows XP desktop PC was released. How can an old pier Vista more pleasing interface?
I said, "Better late than never" improve or do not try to revolutionize the concept does not apply if, it is not expected that.
A default poor animation and lack of customization options you will find the first use Dell Dock features. Animation and theme support reform of both the freeware application dock also features a "higher" are.
Holding icons, themes and more for a fresh interface customization options, free of charge that includes a Dell Dock Stardock's best example of the lack of items.
Dell can provide a better option in the spring or Vista Sidebar the current proposal appears to be more active than the gadget should create for.

04 January 2016

Bootable usb without software for win 7


25 December 2015

Start Menu 8


What this application does is to install the boot menu that easily integrates with the operating system to provide all the functionality and convenience of this feature of Windows.

The important thing about this application is a set of customization options, including that let you adjust the menu to your liking, and adapt your style and function. The application provides the start of 19 icons to choose from different shapes and designs, and symbols that can be downloaded from the site of application. Start Menu can be fully customized so. You can choose between Windows Classic or modern user interface style, set the level of transparency, and choose the background color, font size.

As far as functionality goes, the application can be configured to start with Windows and take the Metro user interface, boot directly to the desktop. Among other options, which allows you to select the programs you want from the menu to display the number of recent material number, as well as the work of the Authority buttons, and frequently used applications, etc. You can also choose system functions and folders that you want to apply to display links in the list, such as administrative tools and PC settings, control panel, etc., and even assign keyboard shortcuts dedicated keys for quick access to any of these characteristics. In addition, this version adds the ability to adjust the applications or files you want to the Start menu by using the right mouse button.
In addition to the possibility of skipping the user interface modern home 8 lets you edit other operating system features, such as disabling hot corners and off the sidebar. The new version of the Start Menu 8 also adds some improvements, such as improved search function.
In short, 8 Start List is an application that simulates the Start menu in Windows 8, and put the files and applications in your hand. It works on Windows 8, but can also be used to replace the Start menu in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

24 December 2015

Classic Shell


Thus, if you do not feel at home with the Windows 7 Start menu, you can continue to use this new operating system in the old way.

Will restore some of the lost functions, such as "Run" commands or enter "programs". Classic Shells does not disable the original start list - will still be able to call pointing to the Start button, then click on it while holding down the Shift key.

The program includes many of the settings that can be changed to customize the appearance of the beginning of the list - for example, the application of different skins and icons.

Windows Explorer toolbar does not appear immediately. You should follow some simple steps are fully explained in the developer site. Classic in the browser settings, you will be able to choose the style panel to make the buttons fade, resize, etc.

07 December 2015

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery


Recovery Jihosoft, a mobile phone or tablet to your Android phone, Android is designed to help recover data from a very simple and straightforward utility. This useful program, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola Download, Huawei, music, Sony, Lenovo, and such smart phones and tablets manufacturers is compatible with a variety of models.Not only such contacts, SMS messages, call history data can achieve, but also files such as photos and videos. You load the internal memory, external SD card of the Android device from both can restore lost or deleted files.
I not only photos, videos, music and documents, but it may well be that the WhatsApp messages like about this tool. Also you only BMP images, MOV videos, or AAC audio files, for example, allows you to search, types of scanning and file format allows to filter.
One interesting thing about this is that data that was lost in the first place, regardless of the reason, you can restore data recovery application, virus attack, accidental deletion , formatting disks, System / Device accidents, etc.
Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to this tool. It correctly connected Android smartphones took some time to detect, and recover files and of course just an overview of the trial data prevents any little recovery. The previous version was working smoothly In addition, the latest version properly recover from your connected device does not detect some of the images seems to reliability problems.
Finally, much like your previous version. I can confidently recommend the latest version of this tool does not seem to be enough. My opinion is you updated and improved for some time even should avoid.

31 October 2015

Vista Drive Icon Free Download


Vista Drive Icon Free Download

Do you use the old Windows operating system and Windows Vista Theme? If so, it means that you have simply dead icons for units that do not provide all the information about the space used and available space in the unit, and have an old fashion look.

But here's an opportunity for you to get the symbols pattern Window Vista, they have not only modern look but also provide you with enough information on each unit of space units free and available space consumed. And all manner of graphical code of all living units. Every time you start using this small tool, and I'm sure it would be natural and I like and I can not live without it. It is because every time you need to check your disk space does not need to open the window of the characteristics of each unit. Just look at the units code and get an idea of ​​the available free space and space-consuming. But of course, if you want to know the exact amount of space consumed and free space available, then you have to go to the window and real estate units. This tool starts with the window, and therefore do not need to start each time. Slower computer and do not make.

Vista Drive Icon Download

10 October 2015

VLC media player



 A video file played in VLC media player

VLC media player info

VLC Media Player has always been one of the things that gives you balance in life: the release of the pre-release version and only the most sophisticated users can differentiate between them. All were noticeable changes only after a very good magnifying glass. VLC 2.0 is the opposite: echoing the developer, you can say that this version is "a major upgrade for VLC."

The big news of the latest version of VLC Media Player can assume are the basic units of written and output. Machinery and perfect internal program down slightly, and now support a mixture GPU subimage. Simply put, this means that the translation or additional camera that comes along with the video now corners can be mixed right in the picture inside player, spices, presumably with hardware acceleration. If you are wondering what you might want to imagine that you are trying to post the video funny moment in a series of preferred French television on YouTube or whatever, and there are subtitles available without audio commentary in only the horizon. To do this, the more likely you are using the recording capabilities of this player, cut the desired part of the video on your computer. In this case, the only way to get the subtitles in the video, which he published "The secondary image of the combination." So, I'd say it's a nice one.
McAfee also be fan coordination something to rejoice: VLC media player now supports Odeon loss of a properly formatted for videos MKV. What it boils down to is that you can now pack high-definition video in the Matroska and enjoy high quality sound file along with a nice picture. Finally!
Other features of the version of Windows that the user can non-professional to understand without deep in Wikipedia or Google to go into is the compatibility with Blu-ray Disc pilot ("experimental" presumably means it tends to fail here and there) and a lot of the new The production saw a video and video filters to improve the quality Windows 7. In short, VLC 2.0 for Windows, a number of qualitative improvements and bug support, using the player more comfortable.
However, it is not gold that glitters. Although the new features of VLC contribute to the overall use of the player, in fact it is nothing special. In fact, there are a lot of media and other players have been offered something like this for a long time. The only excuse for the video because nowadays these changes also highlights the new version is the VLC media player is actually focused heavily on the viability of open source project. The program of this kind, which plays its role perfectly: it can be even now is not as sophisticated as commercial counterparts, but still one of the best media players that can be obtained free of charge.

VLC media player Download

26 September 2015

SkinPack Windows10




Interface Skin


SkinPack Windows 10 Info

However, the 10 is really a great future and many people want to have a style but not substance. For them, it was a package from the Windows 10 operating system version skin.

The aim of this skin pack to provide users with the best experiences of Windows 10 in Windows 8 and 7. It is true that once installed, it becomes every element almost of the interface system from Microsoft in Windows 10, or at least something close to it. Because of the gap between the generations, and some parts of the system it can not really be made to look like a new one. For example, the long-awaited return of the Start button is purely visual, as the general structure of the Windows 7.8 operating system is still the same. However, the cosmetic changes go further to provide a realistic sensation and to some extent of the use of the new system.

However, the skin pack is great for those who wish to aesthetic pleasures of Windows 10 experience can offer.

SkinPack Windows 10 Download

22 September 2015

avast! Free Antivirus



Main Window

Scaning Window

avast! Free Antivirus Info

Free Antivirus is a program that can protect your computer from virus and other threats, for free.

When you install the program, it begins by downloading the latest virus definitions from the author´s website. Before doing this, you must register the program, to be able to access the definitions and program updates. You can choose then to register the free version, or upgrade to the paid option. After registering the program, you will receive a one year license. During this period, you will have total access to the virus updates.

You can activate a feature called Silent/Gaming mode, that will not show any message on the screen when you are viewing your monitor in Full Screen mode. avast! Free Antivirus offers several scanning methods, that will search for threats in your system. The system can be protected by using several shields, like the File System, Mail or Web ones. The program allows to use additional programs, like Auto Sandbox (that allows you to run suspicious programs into a protected environment), Web Rep (a browser plug-in that can show you reputation ratings for the websites you visit), and Site Blocking, that allows you to block certain URLs.

avast! Free Antivirus Download